Jack Herer (AAAA)

THC : 23%

CBD: 0.2%



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Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that has picked up as a lot of prestige as its namesake, the marijuana activist, and creator of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Consolidating a Haze mixture with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds made Jack Herer strain wanting to catch both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production. Its rich hereditary foundation offers ascend to a few distinct varieties. Every phenotype bearing its own one of a kind features and impacts.

Attributes Of Skywalker OG And Seed

Jack Herer’s flowers are not especially outwardly great. Pale to medium green leaves structure in thickly pressed buds that are progressively stretched that adjusted. The trichome tally is high, making this an extremely clingy plant to deal with. What Jack Herer needs visual intrigue, however, it compensates for in a fragrance. Relieved appropriately, the blossoms have a profound flower bundle with traces of orange and lemon get-up-and-go. Tearing open the thick buds flaunts a greater amount of the citrus aroma alongside a peppery kick. At the point when consumed, the blooms emit a shockingly perfect and homegrown fragrance, like sage. The smooth and simple smoke tastes likewise homegrown. In spite of the fact that not overwhelmingly impactful, Jack Herer abandons a waiting fiery flower smell giving the general impression of the blend.

Highs Of The Jack Herer Strain

This strain acts quickly – clients are hit with a solid headrush that is perceptibly more stimulating than perplexing. As time advances or more prominent portions are consumed, this underlying shiver spreads down the neck and through the appendages, making a feeling of unwinding without immobilizing. What pursues is caution and effectively suggestible high set apart by creativity. This is an especially decent strain for imaginative conceptualizing and perception. The feeling of simplicity and imagination additionally makes Jack Herer extraordinary for encouraging discussion in social settings. Since it gives double unwinding and buzz to the psyche and body, It commonly leaves clients feeling invigorated yet in full clear control of their activities.

Medical Uses Of Jack Herer Strain

The mellow high is good for medical use and is excellent for a night out or a daytime adventure with friends.

Very good for treating low-grade stress, anxiety, and depression.

Medical patients use this strain to find relief from migraines, chronic aches, and pains.


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