Skywalker OG

THC : 25%

CBD:  2%


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Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is indica-dominant excellence that tips the scales at 85/15, it’s the lovechild of Skywalker and OG Kush. Like its namesake, it will bring solid kush properties and leave you having a feeling that you’re in the clouds for hours. It offers a super relaxed high with a nice blend of hybrid effects.

Attributes Of Skywalker OG And Seed

Hot homegrown and diesel notes best portray Skywalker OG Strain, as it’s a sharp strain that tastes precisely as it smells. Nugs are round and a profound olive green, yet are counterbalanced by wiry pistils and thick white trichomes.

In case you’re seeking an intergalactic experience, Skywalker OG will be your co-pilot. A moment high that is excessively overwhelming, you’ll feel appropriately stoned after a hit or two. Experience your body totally fusing with the couch and leaving you loose and happy. An upbeat high is combined with serious munchies, so keep the snacks directly alongside you to abstain from moving. Your head will be in the clouds, yet your body will be tingly and in some cases numb.

Highs Of Skywalker OG Strain

Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this strain flaunts an incredible THC tally, with top estimations in the 26% territory. Indeed, even the lower side, which floats around 20%, isn’t for beginners, as it offers a serious high that goes ahead rapidly.

The Force is solid in this strain. Shockingly, a couple of puffs of this Indica hybrid won’t give you Jedi superpowers. Be that as it may, there’s no uncertainty you’ll feel solid sedation. Anticipate that torment and stresses should take off to a world far, far away. While this strain is around 85% Indica, some Sativa impacts wait. You may feel a kind of joyful, mental vitality. However, the general understanding of this strain is physical.

Medical Uses Of Skywalker OG

This strain’s combination of above-average THC and CBD levels make it popular in the medical marijuana community.

Skywalker OG is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain due to its strong physical high.

Whether it’s due to an injury or disease, your body will savor temporary relief with this strain.

Very Good for those suffering from extreme stress, anxiety, and depression.

Excellent for insomnia and poor appetite, this Indica may send you off to space before you fall into a deep sleep

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